Hurricane Shutters Near Me

Protect Your
Family and Property

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are available Worldwide. Buy Directly from our Factory in Florida and Save! Call Us Today.

Hurricane Accordion Shutters available from AMD Supply LLC

Hurricane Shutters
For Florida Homes

Florida Building Code approved hurricane shutters engineered to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds. Call us today!


Protect Your
Family and Property

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are available Worldwide. Buy Directly from our Factory in Florida and Save! Call Us Today.


Hurricane Shutters
For Florida Homes

Florida Building Code approved hurricane shutters engineered to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds. Call us today!


We build and ship hurricane shutters

We build and ship hurricane shutter products nationwide and around the world. Buy directly from our factory and save!

Bedroom Window Hurricane Shutters for Residential Homes in Florida Great Choice of Hurricane Protection in Florida from Supernova Shutters
Full Rolling Hurricane Shutters for Patios, Balconies in Florida Balcony closed with Accordion Hurricane Shutters from Supernova
Year round protection from Patio Enclosed hurricane shutters in Florida Full patio enclosure protected with Supernova Accordion Shutters in Florida
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Category 5 Hurricane Shutters

Category 5 Storm Shutters

AMD Supply is the distributor of the Florida Building Code approved (FL16893) Accordion Shutters. Our hurricane shutters are available throughout Florida and around the world for Category 5 hurricane protection.

Window and shutter contractors buy directly from our various distribution facilities in Florida and save! Durable and practical, the Supernova Shutters add to the beauty of any building without sacrificing any aesthetic elements. 

Our Supernova Shutters is an accordion shutter system designed to make your installation job easier and thus increase your ROI on each shutter installation job for hurricane season.

The Supernova Accordion Shutter system is designed with a low profile that features tighter stacking blades fitted with smooth gliding wheels that make it quick and easy to open and close. 

Heavy Duty Storm Shutters
Best Hurricane Shutters

Tropical Storm Protection 185+ MPH Winds

Supernova Shutters are engineered and manufactured for durability to protect your home from tropical storms and to fit your windows and sliding glass doors, garages, patios, and 2nd story balconies.

The Supernova Shutters are an accordion style system that can be installed with permanent or removable tracks. They are designed to fit the size and color of the windows and doors (sliding glass doors as well) that’s being protected.

The locking handles allow you to secure your Supernova Shutters from the inside or outside. This is convenient for senior citizens. 

Florida has one of the strictest hurricane construction codes in the world and our Supernova Shutter system is certified to be impact resistant to withstand hurricane force winds up to Category 5 high winds in Florida and far exceeds the states code for hurricane protection.



AMD Supply is a leading distributor of accordion shutters in the state of Florida and has been in business since 2006.

Hurricane Season in Florida on the Atlantic Ocean runs from June 1st through November 30th with the majority of dangerous storms active between August and October. For more information on the hurricane shutters we offer, please call us at 877 959 0908.

AMD Supply LLC is the manufacturer and distributor of the #1 rated accordion hurricane shutters called the Supernova Shutters.

They are Miami Dade and Florida Building Code Approved High Velocity Shutters and can withstand category 5 hurricane force winds.

Visit the AMD Supply website to learn more about the different types of hurricane shutters we offer to contractors and home owners in Florida. 

Supernova Shutters can only be purchased through approved and licensed accordion shutter contractors and window shutter installers. Call us at 1 (877) 959-0908 to help you find the closest Supernova Shutter contractor.

Please contact AMD Supply at (877) 959-0908 so we can get you in touch with one of our licensed window shutter contractors or installers that can provide a detailed estimate on accordion hurricane shutters cost for your house and time frames for installation. Licensed window contractors work with AMD Supply to provide a seamless experience. 

Homeowners love the high gloss paint finish and the optional noise-reducing track felt. Supernova Shutters also have the popular clear lexan blades that permit light and visibility into your home during a storm.

There simply is no other accordion shutter system that can offer the range of benefits of Supernova Shutters – your first choice in hurricane safety. We use high quality extruded aluminum on our shutters. The Supernova Shutters brand was ranked the #1 accordion hurricane shutters for 2022 by The Spruce. 

Supernova Shutters can easily be installed on second floor windows and are lockable from the inside. They can also protect full length patios, garages, and doors. They are convenient for senior citizens to easily deploy the shutters from the inside. Condo owners of any size can add an extra layer of hurricane protection by utilizing motorized shutters also known as roll down shutters.

Supernova Shutters are approved by the Florida Building Code (FL16893), Texas Division of Insurance (TDI Shu-246), and the Miami-Dade Building Code. Florida has one of the strictest building codes in the world due to the state extreme weather year round. 

Installing Supernova Shutters can significantly increase the resale value of your property in Florida. Potential homebuyers recognize the investment and care taken to maintain safety and security for your Florida property. These shutters are Florida Building Code Approved and can withstand a category 5 hurricane.



Increase profitability and lower your install time by using Supernova Shutters from AMD Supply

Fast to assemble and even quicker installations with the available direct mount system. Rain guard tracks and 5 different centermate options help you find the right aesthetic and security for any job. Supernova is the only shutter system with the patented lexan clear blades that provide natural light even when the shutter is closed.

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#1 Most Requested Accordion Shutter Brand in Florida

Ease of Use, Long Lasting, Affordable Prices, and Maximum Category 5 Hurricane Protection Year Round in Florida

Constructed of heavy-duty, extruded aluminum blades, our Supernova Shutters are designed to provide greater strength at the mounting point by using thicker aluminum angles for superior strength in comparison to competing accordion shutters for maximum hurricane protection.

The available felt track-liners help reduce noise and rattling vibrations while the Supernova Shutter is closed. Our various hurricane shutter locks are easy to close and operate with an optional thumb turn or key mechanism. Call us to learn more about our hurricane products.

Accordion Shutters by Supernova Shutters

Supernova Shutters Certifications

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are permanently affixed structures that only need to be installed once. Supernova Shutters are tested and approved for use in the HVHZ by Florida and Miami Building Code.

Supernova Shutters at ASTM Certified

ASTM Certified

Made in USA

Supernova Shutters Adhere to Miami Dade Building Codes for Hurricane Shutters

Miami Dade County

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